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Our Services (A Little About What We Do)
Specializing in equal employment opportunity/civil rights and human resources since 1988,
KYG Associates has focused on providing quality services designed to improve your
employment environment and to effectively address workplace conflicts.  
KYG brings to its clients a high level of professionalism, dependability, and first-rate services.
KYG's services are designed to help you identify and solve employment problems in the
workplace before they become problematic and costly.  

Our team of attorneys, civil rights, human resources ,and employment law experts provides out
clients with:
Among our services are neutral investigations of employment disputes, mediation and counseling
services to help settle such disputes, a wide range of  training programs for both managers and
employees as well as for employment professionals, an evaluation of your workplace to provide
suggestions or recommendations for improvement, and human resources advisory services. Let us
put our proven skills and experience to work for you. Please explore all we have to offer to help
you achieve effective human resources and equal employment in your workplace by following the
links below or to the left.
Employment law decisions (Final Agency Decisions)
Thorough,  impartial, and timely EEO or background  investigations
Alternative Dispute Resolution - Mediation - Conflict Resolution
Informal Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) counseling
Human Resources advisory services
EEO (Civilians) and EO (Military) investigations and counseling
Training for managers and employees
Empowering people
& striving for
8(a) BD / SDB Certified
Karen Y. Gibson